About the Company

About Third Point Investors Limited

Third Point Investors Limited (“TPIL”) is the London-listed, closed-end fund managed by Daniel S. Loeb’s Third Point LLC.

TPIL was listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange in


TPIL is a feeder fund that invests in Third Point Offshore Fund, Ltd. (the “Master Fund”).

TPIL offers investors a unique opportunity to gain direct exposure to Daniel S. Loeb’s opportunistic investment strategy.

TPIL maintains all investment holdings present in Third Point’s primary investment strategy.


TPIL’s objective is to provide shareholders with long term, attractive risk-adjusted returns, using the investment skills and expertise of Daniel S. Loeb and the Master Fund’s wider portfolio team.


Third Point employs an event-driven, opportunistic strategy to invest globally across the capital structure and in diversified asset classes to optimize risk-reward through a market cycle.

TPIL has one share class denominated in U.S. Dollars


The U.S. Dollar shares have a dual listing structure to allow for both a Sterling Quote and U.S. Dollar Quote

ISIN GG00B1YQ7219 GG00B1YQ7219

Company Management and Leadership

The Company’s Articles of Association provide that the Company’s Board of Directors shall be composed of any number of directors, a majority of whom must be Independent Directors. The Directors will meet on a regular basis to review and assess the investment policy and performance of the Company and generally to supervise the conduct of its affairs.


The NAV’s have been calculated by the administrator of Third Point Investors Ltd. (“”the Company””) based in part on information provided by the Master Fund’s administrator. The NAV’s are estimates where indicated. The making of such estimates involves known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the estimated results or performance to be materially different from any actual results or performance. Except as required by applicable law, the Company and Third Point LLC expressly disclaim any obligation to update or revise such estimates to reflect any change in expectations, new information, subsequent events or otherwise.

Share price and volume are sourced from Bloomberg. Monthly volume is reported from the beginning of the month through month end. Volume as of 31-July 2007 is for the period 20-July through 31-July. The “Prem/Disc” is calculated by Third Point LLC based on the difference between the most recent monthly NAV and the closing share price.

Investors should be aware that the value of the shares can fluctuate. There is no guarantee that the market price of the shares will fully reflect their underlying net asset value.

The past performance of the shares is not necessarily indicative of the future performance of the Company. There can be no guarantee that the investment objective of the Company will be achieved. Prospective investors should be aware that they may not fully recover the amount invested.

Potential investors are advised to seek expert legal, financial, tax and other professional advice before making any investment decision. Monthly NAV’s are for information purposes only and do not constitute an offer to invest.